• BI Training

    Taking your expertise to the next level

  • Are you a BI developer, architect or team lead, working as a consultant or in a company? Are you seeking to improve your competences and become more productive at work? Expand your skills and increase your value as a developer with advanced Business Intelligence training.

  • AI Workshops

    Dive into the opportunities of AI

  • AI is now employed in all types of businesses and service operations, including financial institutions (fintechs), entertainment and e-commerce. If you are a high-level executive or a developer/solution architect, these workshops are designed for you.

  • Neos BI Courses

  • With clients from diverse industries based in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto, our training focuses on universal BI concepts which will allow intermediate to senior developers to gain efficiency in their respective field of work. These courses are designed to compliment developers tools and skill sets.

    Ranging from one to three days, these courses are designed to emphasis best practices and conformity with industry standards.

  • Neos' mission is to help businesses create value through the development of their employees expertise. Focused on maximizing efficiency, our courses cover advanced topics in a logical and structured approach.

  • Available Training

  • Advanced MSBI : Automate SDLC

    3 Days 

    For : Senior Developers, BI Architect, Team Leads
    Topics covered : DevOps, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, SDLC
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  • MSBI : Advanced Data Warehousing

    2 Days 

    For : Senior Developers
    Topics covered : Database design and Management, SSDT, SSMS, SSIS
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  • Data Visualization and Storytelling

    ½ Day

    For : Business analysts, data analysts and professional handling data
    Topics covered : Data visualization, visualization tools, Tableau
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  • MSBI : Control your Code with Git

    2 Days

    For : Intermediate and Senior MSBI Developers
    Topics covered : Source control, Git, Versioning, Code & Deployment Management
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  • MSBI : Requirements for data solutions

    1 Day 

    For : BI Analysts with requirement gathering skills
    Topics covered : Requirement gathering, Business modelling
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