• Your Employer Brand as your best IT recruiting tool

    Develop your employer brand and share your company's story to attract the best candidates

  • Differentiate yourself from competitors by appealing to candidates who are inspired by your organization values. 
    By presenting your current team through visual references and videos, you proactively address candidates' questions about your company's culture, values, and mission. The statement help you position and differentiate your organization thus helping you attract the best talents.

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  • Analysis

    Our team visits your offices and gets to know your company

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  • Creation

    In collaboration with your marketing and HR management team, we create the content which will be published on our website

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  • Validation

    Validate the created content to make sure it reflects your company at its best

  • Assessment

    The first, most crucial step in assessing and strengthening your brand starts internally. Everyone who works for the company needs to be clear about your values, mission, and goals. Neos helps you to capture your Employer Brand Stories.

  • Marketing and HR content creation

    At Neos, we believe that a candidate's experience with your employer brand begins as soon as they identify you as a potential employer. The image you convey can prompt candidates to engage your company further or to look elsewhere. Let us help you present your corporate culture more effectively with custom content - Professional photos (workspace, employees in action, unique details), HD video (testimonials from your employees, recruiter advice, candidate confirmation), 360/VR video tour of your office, company culture video, blogs. 
    We help you to create your content.

  • Broadcast your company story

    Once you’ve defined exactly what makes you stand out from other employers in your industry, it’s time to share that message everywhere. From a video on your career page to recruiting events, your social media accounts to your profile on sites like neosjob.com. By clearly and authentically communicating who you are, the more likely you are to attract applicants who know  will identify with your culture.
    We help you to share your employer brand.

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