• Artificial Intelligence

    Unlock the power and opportunities of artificial intelligence for your business.

  • Project assessment

    We help businesses generate the most value from today's artificial intelligence technologies and concepts. Our AI strategic and practical approach will help you quickly understand the value added and opportunities that AI technologies can bring to your business

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  • Market analysis

    We analyze your market to determine which solution generate immediate value for your business

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  • Roadmap

    We elaborate a comprehensible and actionable plan to transform your business with AI

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  • Proof of concept

    We provide a functional proof of concept of an AI implementation for your company

  • AI strategic planning

    We provide a clear roadmap for a successful AI implementations regarding your business processes. The roadmap is designed to allow your organization to perform a seamless transition into the AI world while managing the negative impacts of disruptive change.

    The roadmap is rooted in your business market-strategy and the long-term vision endeavoured by your senior leadership. This rooting lies at the basis of a successful AI implementation.

    Receive from Neos a comprehensive implementation-ready assessment on how AI could improve your business processes and define the next steps in implementing AI strategies.

    To learn more about our AI services, you may visit our Neos AI website

  • Functional proof of concept

    More than just assessing the potential that AI can bring to your organization, we create a fully-functional proof of concept demonstrating it. This software can be used as a basis to implement artificial intelligence at a larger-scale in your business processes.

    The proof of concept is tailor made to fulfill your AI needs and to provide a comprehensive approach to solving them.

    On request, our strategist and developers can provide ongoing support for the next execution phase of the proposed roadmap, overseeing every aspect of it.

  • Start building your AI roadmap today

    Do you know what AI can bring to your industry? Contact us to learn more.