• We are Value Creators

  • Our Mission

  • Centered on efficiency, we aim at improving your business processes in every way.

  • Our Approach

  • Creative and structured, our tested approach allows us to successfully lead projects.

  • Work with Us

  • We act as a strategic partner for your business development.

  • Our Mission

  • Our target customer ranges from start-up companies to established firms. With over 25 years of experience, Neos offers a broad range of services devised to add tangible value to your company. Our approach is to quickly identify improvement opportunities in each key areas that will rapidly generate additional value for your company. These services include: assessment of key operations, Business Intelligence (BI), optimizing IT processes, Artificial Intelligence (AI), employer branding and strategic partnering.

  • Our Approach

    A streamlined business approach to creating value

  • 1

  • Inception

    Quickly identify value creating opportunities

  • 2

  • Roadmap

    Propose a 90 day value creation process in regards to the identified key areas

  • 3

  • Implement

    Implementing and executing the key performance items to create value

  • 4

  • Review & Adjust

    Adapt the strategy and alignments with the roadmap

  • Why choose us?

  • Experienced team

    Our team is composed of dedicated experienced entrepreneurs

  • Focused on value creation

    We focus on value-generating opportunities in order to maximize the ROI for your company.

  • More than just consultants

    We advise and accompany your team in every step of the value-creation processes.

  • Would you like to start a project with us?

    Contact us today for any inquiry about our product or services!